Personally I believe that almost everybody should be taken away from gluten (and most grains) if they want to live and healthy and energetic life.  Recent studies show that close to 60% of the population is intolerant to gluten (ranging from light to very debilitating).  Even if you think eating bread and pasta doesn’t change anything for you, you might be intolerant.  I often use the example of when I first learned I needed glasses as a kid: I didn’t know that I could see any better so for me it was normal.

I’ll soon write more in depth about gluten and how it can affect your health, your digestion, produce inflammation, lower your energy, create skin problems and even screw up your joints, but for now I think that this article can help you change your mind on the subject.

For all the tennis fans out there, Novak Djokovic is probably the best player right now.  When asked about the changes that he made during the off-season that helped him get the that level, he said that cutting gluten completely out of his diet made the biggest impact.  He lost a little weight, have more energy and can concentrate and breath better: that allowed him to be more constant in his games and improve his serve radically.

So if you are part of the ones that still believe gluten doesn’t have a negative impact on their health this article might change your mind.  I don’t think Novak though he was feeling that bad either, after all he was the third best tennis player in the world.

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